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25 Years Already! An Anniversary Exhibition Interactive - Panoramic - Virtual Reality!
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A Virtual Reality visit to the Gallery!

You are about to take an interactive panoramic journey through and around both the ground floor and the upper gallery spaces at the Hugo Barclay Gallery.

You must have Java installed to run the Gallery Tour.

Java Logo

Java is installed by default on Macintosh computers but Windows, Linux and Solaris users may need to install Java - to get it click on the Java logo. You must be running a Java-capable browser with Java enabled.

Recent security changes to Java mean you must also add to Java's 'Exception Site List'. If you see this window:

Java Secirity Alert

Please follow these instructions (for Windows, but other operating systems are similar):

  1. Go to Control Panel (System Preferences in Mac) and click on the Java icon
  2. In the Java Control Panel, click on the Security Tab
  3. Under 'Exception Site List', click the 'Edit Site List...' button
  4. In the Exception Site List, click on the 'Add' button
  5. In the 'Location' box, enter "" without the quotes and click OK
  6. A 'Security Warning - HTTP Location' dialogue box will appear - click CONTINUE (not cancel)
  7. The new entry should appear in the Exception Site List. Check it's there and click OK

Now attempt to run the Gallery Tour again. You may get a warning asking you if you want to run this application. Click the 'Run' button and the Gallery Tour should appear. Do not worry - it is perfectly safe!

There is actually another way to prevent Java from blocking the panorama viewer - on the Security Tab of the Java Control Panel, you can change the Security Level to 'medium'. However in this age of necessary security on the web, I would not recommend doing this.

I am very sorry for the extra trouble this causes, but there is no update available to the (now ancient) programme that I used to make the panoramas. Converting them to a more modern programme would require more work than I am willing to do at present. My apologies again.

Click here for full instructions on using the Tour viewer.

There are four interlinked 360 panoramas, two covering the ground floor and two covering the upper floor. All four are interlinked by 'hotspots' which you can make visible by pressing the 'H' key on your keyboard. If you move the mouse over a hotspot you will see a message appear in the bottom left of the browser window telling you where the 'hotspot' points to. Clicking on the 'hotspot' will take you to that part of the gallery. You can start the tour on either floor, using the links below.

A little patience is required. Each panorama will take about 40 seconds to load with a 56K modem and a good day! After appearing, the picture rotates automatically, but you can halt it by pressing any key on the keyboard. To move about, you can drag with the mouse or use the 'arrow' keys. To zoom in and out, use the PageUp and PageDown keys. The viewer can also be controlled by the toolbar along the base of the view window.

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The Upper Gallery

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