Here is just a small selection of work from some of the many artists shown. Click on each thumbnail for a larger image. For a complete list of all Artists and Makers who exhibited in the gallery between 1974 and 2001, click here.

Jane Adam
Marianne Forrest
Helen Smythe
  Features Page No 1 John McKellar
Nicola Becci
Julie Sellers
Robert Chapman
Siddy Langley
Jane Charles

Features Page No 2

Jennie Hale
Karlin Rushbrooke
Lesley Strickland
Andrew Hill
Charles Spacey
Gun Thor
  Features Page No 3 Will Shakspeare
Ann Finlay
Tessa Fuchs
Robert Crooks
Stewart Hearn
Gail Klevan
Janet Perry
  Features Page No 4 Michael Carpenter
Catherine Hough
Alasdair Neil MacDonell


Robert Morris

  Features Page No 5 Celia Davies
Fiona De Marco

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