The Jewellery Show 2000

25th November to 24th December 2000

  Maike Barteldres
Nicola Clark
Nicci Dedman
Brian Eburah
Rachel Gogerly
Jane Hay
Frank Hirshfield
Jill Hlalo
Povl Larsen
Gordon Lawrie
Ulla Hörnfeldt
Jill Newbrook
Helen Smythe
Kate Wilkinson

The images below are representative of the exhibitors' work 
and individual pieces featured were not necessarily included in the exhibition

Neckring by Ulla Hornfeldt
18ct gold, Chrysocolla

'Manifest Longing' by Gordon Lawrie
fine and sterling silver

Brooch & earrings by Brian Eburah
silver, titanium

Necklace by Kate Wilkinson
nylon and feather

Brooch by Jill Hlalo
leather, silver and gold leaf

Necklaces by Maike Barteldres
silver, stainless steel, granite

Brooches by Helen Smythe

Rings by Jill Newbrook
silver, gold, opal, peridot

Brooch by Rachel Gogerly
silver, enamel

Bracelet by Nicci Dedman

Necklaces by Jane Hay
silver, stainless steel, textile

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