Good Grief!!!25 Years Already! - An anniversary Exhibition

12th June to 4th September 1999

• Jane Adam (Jewellery) • David Bradford (Wood) • Peter Beard (Ceramics) •
• Celia Davies (Jewellery) • Mike Dodd (Ceramics) • Kim Ellwood (Jewellery) •
• Jill Fanshawe Kato (Ceramics) • Deborah Fladgate (Glass) •
• Robert Greenhalf (Painting) • Peter Hayes (Ceramics) • Catherine Hough (Glass) •
• Glynn Hugo (Ceramics) • Anne James (Ceramics) • Walter Keeler (Ceramics) •
• Gabriele Koch (Ceramics) • Peter Layton (Glass) • Peter Lane (Ceramics) •
• Siddy Langley (Glass) • David Leach (Ceramics) • John Maltby (Ceramics) •
• Bert Marsh (Wood) • Alasdair Neil MacDonell (Ceramics) • Sheila McDonald (Jewellery) •
• Lynn Muir (Wood) • Anna NoŽl (Ceramics) • Brett Payne(Jewellery) •
• Mary Rich (Ceramics) • Antonia Salmon (Ceramics) • Julie Sellars (Jewellery) •
• Pauline Solven (Glass) • Fleur Tookey (Glass) • Judy Trim (Ceramics) •
• Guy Taplin (Wood) • Angela Verdon (Ceramics) • John Ward (Ceramics) •
• Mary White (Ceramics) • Jenny Wild (Jewellery) •

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Some images from the Show

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 Pieces by Peter Layton, Jenny Wild, Kim Ellwood Pieces by Catherine Hough, Anne James, David LeachPieces by Siddy Langley, Mary Rich, Sheila McDonald

 Pieces by Alasdair MacDonell, Peter Lane, Mike Dodd, John Ward, Lynn MuirPieces by Walter Keeler, Catherine Hough, Jill Fanshawe Kato, Bert Marsh, Siddy Langley, David Leach

Pieces by David Bradford, Brett Payne, Gabriele Koch, Catherine Hough, Guy Taplin, Peter Hayes, Anne JamesOverall view of the lower gallery

Pieces by Jane Adam, Peter Hayes, Anna NoŽl, Walter Keeler, Guy TaplinPieces by Guy Taplin, Alasdair MacDonell, Anna NoŽl, Pauline Solven, David Leach, John Ward, Bert MarshPieces by Judy Trim, Angela Verdon, Glynn Hugo, Celia Davies

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